Pushy Pushy – against all odds!


Resilience, utyhala ngesifuba kuba eyazi uzobaseMpilweni ekuqhibeleni… set back and all but uthi Andijiki! look at Pumla ‘Pushy’ Muhamba now! funda ngaye…


I am Pumla Muhamba  and I am 42 years old, I stay in Kuils River and originally from Mdantsane EL. I am working for City Health as a Pharmacist’s Assistant in Khayelitsha. I am married with one child.
I have been over weight since childhood. My Aunt used to give me some of her clothes, my uniform was made by a dress maker because I didn’t have a size, primary and high school. My uniform was always a little bit different from others, no labels ngenxa yalonto bendingazithandi izinto ezithungiweyo ngenxa yesisizathu. Kungona ndizithanda ngoku ukuthungisa. That made me to have a low self-esteem for as long as I remember. Food became my friend, my comforter, when things got though. Self-control and discipline where food is concerned was not there at all. I was addicted to bread and sweet things. Athletics at school was my worst time because I knew it required all of us to go to the field and practice. Being fat was not an excuse. I hated exercise with passion. I didn’t know any other life than the life of being fat, heavy, limited and I accepted how I looked even though I was very unhappy when I want something in the shop and they had no size for me. All Doctors’ visits, my weigh would be mentioned.

I became a vegetarian in 1997 that didn’t change anything because I ate more of carbohydrates ( potatoes, pasta, rice, pap etc) to fill up my tummy. We were introduced to health reform at church, like drinking water and healthy lifestyle and I saw a change in my weight but I was not consistent went back to sweet things and dairy . I used other pills that suppresses appetite just for two weeks, never helped, I used another shake I bought at one of the stores to suppress appetite never worked. I was just stuck in my fat body all hope lost, and I blamed my genes. Even though I had no chronic problems, but I had other issues like being blotted when I take dairy then I used soya products. I had a lot of acid in my body, heart burn, winds and swallowing problems and the Dr.said it’s reflux( I had too much acid in my body). I had a problem with recurring cysts and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Boils and small sore pimples in my body were like ok it’s my thing. I used to wake up with constant abdominal pains every morning, visiting Dr and specialist every month. Being tired, lazy, demotivated, short tempered, irritated, PMS thank God my hubby didn’t leave me or give up on me. Imagine leaving with such a woman. All of this affect every aspect of my life. Being unhappy with myself affected others big time.
One day I met Prisma my x-colleague, she used to be my size but this time she had lost weight and beautiful. Introduced me to the clean eating Sleek Geek lifestyle. She added me to a what’sapp group and Team Asijiki FB page. Did my first mistake by posting wrong food and I was corrected. In my excitement I started cutting off Carbs but I continued eating my soya because I was not eating meat. My encouragement came when I saw the scale going down for the first time ever. I used to hate the scale before so I only weighted myself in September 2015, I was 135kg before I attended my first workshop. But in two weeks I lost about 10kg and I was amazed. I was learning by asking Prisma and by looking at others in our FB page. I was also encouraged by seeing pictures of other’s on FB. I continued eating right BUT falling off the wagon and on again. Then December came and mess everything up but not completely. I pledge to re-start January because my weight became stagnant after losing 15kg. Then I thought let me give up this soya maybe that’s what makes me not to lose any further. And taking it knowing that it’s not on the green list made me not to count V1D1. I stopped soya and I lost 5kg in two weeks. When ever I committed to say I’m starting V1D1 something came up, like trip to the funeral, my birthday, our anniversary this or that but I go on in any case.

It all comes down to the point of lack of discipline and consistency. In all this Andijiki because of the life changing experience. Besides losing weight so many things changed with my health.
1. Heart burn disappeared
2. Abdominal pains subsided (one day I remembered that I used to have pains)
3. I’m more calm, pms are not that bad I can control myself. I’m a good gal
4. All my clothes are big from a jacket to my PJ’s and under clothes…..NICE problem. I change twice or thrice before I get something that doesn’t look like I’m in a sack. I always want to look my best from head to my heals. Talk about confidence boost. One of my happiest moments is when I go to the shop and find an item don’t fit me. Not because it’s small but it’s big to me. I love the fact that I don’t wear the last size in the shop any more. People are noticing change in me and I gladly share my new lifestyle with them, at home, at work and friends.
I’m inspired by people that get inspired by my transformation . Even when I fall I think of all the people I touched and I start over. I get a lot of inbox of people that need help and I give all my time to such people. Service to others at any cost to myself, the meaning of life. We started walking with my family (hubby and daughter). It was difficult at first but it was worth it. It was not as difficult because I was 15kg lighter. It was on and off until I found a walking partner. We started a what’sapp group other ladies in our area started to join. The ladies started jogging and I was used to walking then I was afraid because I couldn’t run. Guess what, I learned to jog through the influence of these ladies. I jogged 1 space between poles,then rest another space untill we finished. And I did 2spaces, then 3 spaces. Now I can gladly say I can jog I have stamina and I love this new hobby. Some of the ladies says I’m addicted and I love it. In addition to this I have a skipping rope that took time for me to learn to jump. I’m motivated and getting involved in fun walks, fun runs in my area and surrounding. I don’t want to miss any walks.

The ‘I can’t’ word is not in my vocabulary anymore. When you put your mind on anything then your whole body follows.
I’ve learned to prepare my meals, take my prepared meals to work no more buying unhealthy foods. My favorite snacks is cashew nuts and pan banana cakes. Asijiki has improved my cooking skills and I developed the love for John 14(cabbage). When I go to buy food stuff I read the ingredients. I have learned so much .I don’t even want to tell you about friendship, love, connection that has developed between us through team Asijiki. My husband is my support system, my friends and my colleagues gave me wings, my Team Asijiki my people, thank you for your support. Leadership you are God sent. It make sense when I say I’m not on DIET, this is a lifetyle.

In 10 months I lost 24kg. to date I have lost more but my highlight and priority now is Health. My advice to all of you, read the files, learn from others, read other people’s status, follow the whole lifestyle and not concentrate on losing weight. Look for other benefits like health issues and be involved in our community, go to the workshops. Be happy.


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  1. Masabata Minmie

    Well done sis Push you truely are an inspiration and proof that thers realy nothing impossible as long as thers discipline , sacrifice determination, goal orientated and positive mindset.

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