Asijiki Champion – Nolundi Nomandla


Name: Nolundi Nomandla
City: Cape Town
Marital status: Married with two kids
25kgs so far
Duration on REBOOT: 5 months so far
Occupation: Researcher and speech writer
Inspired by: My work and looks
Favourite snacks: Fruit and nuts
Favourite Exercise:
Walking in the park

I am Nolundi Nomandla being a child that grew up ndityebile not kakhulu but I was average also ndikhula ndi active at school playing netball doing majorettes but still big with no hope of losing weight. I tried some diets but still no luck then would give up.

When I was in grade 10 I started using slimming tablets and cigarettes but nothing happened even on my matric ball I was size 36 instead of size 30. I gave birth to two kids and I ended up ndistressed, I used lots of commercial products but nothing and it was very expensive then I stopped again. I lost all self confidence an lost interested ndizifihla ndihlala ndodwa, ndizivalela naxa ndigodukile ekhaya bonke are slenders ndim ndodwa otyebileyo and ugly.


I spoke to my colleagues at work about my problem and one day a guy called Ayanda Mntwana introduced me to Mrs Gajana then I joined Team Asijiki, my life started to change then. Firstly, I positioned my thinking, saw others acceding and I had so much hope that things will change. I started in September after I was hospitalised diagnosed with bronchitis then I realise that I need change and she came to my rescue. It was not easy when I started this journey but I managed to do it my family who joined me. I also became a whatsapp group member that really pushed my levels and more understanding of this journey.

I made a big change on the first month, 7kg down then also second month another 7kg through dedication and commitment assisted me to be where I am. I have lost 20kg in four months and I am proud of Team Asijiki, learnt that we need to believe that we are capable of changing our life and life healthy away from sickness and stay strong.

My first group activity with the team was a walk at Sea Point ndabuya ndiziphethe ngezandla isihlangu, but through frequent exercise I made it to the first official race before closing time, I also mountain hikes now and super proud of myself. That dedication and inspiration also build my self-esteem . My family that supported me throughout my daughter Ayanda I’m proud of her she made me to believe in this change and she is proud of me now.


My challenges were around travel while rebooting, but I managed to work around it, I bought same groceries for my second home, gym or walk wherever I am.

Yhhoooo I love this part, firstly I am oozing with confidence. I am able to pose for pictures without fear and walk in high hills the whole day at my work and I’m loving my new look. Intimacy,my thinking capability or levels grow rapidly. I am revitalised, body and mind.

Dedication to this programme is most important, attend workshops and be active in the group even a small group in your area will do. Be dedicated to yourself,  work hard in order to gain more results. Health wise I am healthy, no heart or diabetes sickness.

Thanks to Alakhe Gajana and all Team Asijiki members under Sleekgeek


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