Asijiki Champion – Nogolide “Goldy” Mqatazana


Name: Nogolide “Goldy” Mqatazana
City: Cape Town
Marital status: Married
Children: 2
Job: Western Cape Education Department
Kilos: 01 March (114,4kgs); 30 June (93kgs)
Kilo’s lost: 21,4kgs
Goal weight: 80kgs by Oct 16
Duration on REBOOT: 3 months so far
Blood Pressure: Before (158/95); Now (100/75)
Cholesterol: Before (6, 5); Now (5, 1)
Waist: Before (Size 44/46); Now (Size 36/38)
Snack: I do not snack much but I do have fruit now and then
Favourite exercise: Skipping rope and treadmill
Least Favorite Exercise: Squats and wall seats but I have to do them

My name is Nogolide Mqatazana and I am from Gugulethu, Cape Town. I am married with 2 daughters.

Growing up I was not a health conscious person and never really minded with what I consumed in my mouth. I liked fatty and spicy food and sugar was my everyday thing I even added it as an ingredient in most of my recipes. As far as exercising I was never a sports person even at school and in the community where I grew up, my thing and first love was music. I was a size small most time growing up. I then got married and started gaining weight which was becoming uncomfortable for me.

In 2012 while I was working for Virgin Active Head Office I decided to take advantage of the free gym membership they offered us as employees and started working out and also used slimming shakes. At that time I weighed 105kgs and I managed to lose 25kgs during that period. I stopped going to gym and dieting and soon after I fell pregnant with my last born in 2013.

I then gave birth in January 2014 to my daughter prematurely at 6 months because of High BP and after all that I gained back all the weight I had lost. I became bigger and bigger and my eating habits were becoming worse. Bendithanda amagwinya, umbengo, zonke nje itakeaways. I always knew at the back of my mind that I am doing harm to myself but I just could not stop. When I ate bread I would never be full without eating 4 slices of bread.

In 2015 I decided it was time for me to do something about myself and bought myself various slimming products and joined all the groups on Facebook that were about dieting. I tried all the commercial products, you name it and also tried all the diet plans that were shared in Facebook groups. During that time I would lose weight but immediately after a month or so I would gain it all back again and even more which was a big frustration to me. By December 2015 I was already weighing 114,4kgs and I was not happy at all with the way I looked, with my clothes size and with myself.

I then fell sick beginning of 2016 and my Dr told me that my BP was now sky high (I was already seeing my Dr ever since I had BP at pregnancy) and she also said my Cholesterol levels were extremely high. What frustrated me more was him confirming something I already knew deep down inside; he told me I was OBESE and that was a big word to me that really gave me a wakeup call to make a change. He referred me to a Dietician and also said he is going to need to put me on chronic medication which really scared me. I did soul searching and tried to imagine how my family’s life would be like without me had I have died because of my health and what I imagined was not nice. That was when I really knew that I needed to change my lifestyle together with my family’s one.

Fortunately for me exactly that time I was sick and in the process of seeing my doctors and taking my tests I saw a group on Facebook which was suggested to me by Facebook and the group’s name was Team Asijiki (Sleekgeek Reboot Support) and I joined. I was accepted by the group founder/coach Alakhe Carol Gajana. I then inboxed her and asked her to assist me and she directed me to Asijiki files.

I observed and read files asking here and there where I needed assistance up until I felt like I was ready to Reboot 100%. During the time I was still observing on the group I started cutting some few things on my diet and introduced the Reboot friendly ones i.e. I stopped using Cooking oil and started using Coconut oil, I used Pink salt. I stopped eating CARBS (Sugar, Grains and Starch). Then on the 19 March 2016 I started Rebooting 100%. I started carrying food with me that is Reboot friendly to events that I am invited to.


I exercised 3 – 4 times a week either in the morning or in the evening after work. When I started with my Version 1 (V1D1) I weighed myself and I was still 114,4kgs and by the end of Version 1 (V1D30) I weighed 106kgs. On the 02 May 2016 I attended a workshop that was at Ikhwezi centre in Gugulethu conducted by my Coach (Alakhe Carol Gajana). To encourage myself through the process I bought myself basic exercising equipment every month achieve. I currently have a yoga mat, skipping rope, hand grips, kettle bells, dumbbells, wheel, stepper and a toning tube 3 at home and I am still going to buy more.

Oh my family has been amazingly supportive throughout this journey. My husband even buys me my spices and veggies instead of all the junk that I used to love. He knows I no longer belong in that category. My mother, sister, niece, brothers, helper, eldest daughter, in-laws, friends and colleagues are another source of support that I have. And not forgetting my coach and the entire Team Asijiki community, they are amazingly supportive. Any day you feel de-motivated go to that page and see if you will remain de-motivated. It is such a lovely community of people who understands each other. I have built friendships through Asijiki. All that support is just too amazing and motivational. It keeps me going.


I have learned that anything is just possible. Good life, good health and happiness is possible. It is DOABLE. It only needs one to be positive, motivated and determined. This journey needs one to think deeply about themselves and get to know their body well and acknowledge its needs.  I personally have learned to have me time and give my body all the rest and care it deserves. In the past I used to abuse my body too much by eating all the wrong stuff that it did not deserve. I had really forgotten that my body is God’s temple that should be looked after very well. All that I did only by following the Asijiki 80/20 rule (80% eating clean and 20% exercising)


My life has amazingly changed. I am super confident, more social and too broad minded in terms of health both food and exercise. I am more conscious of what I put in my mouth and do not compromise. If it means I have to carry my own food to parties and gatherings I do; if it means asking for a special request in restaurants I do. I now love taking full pictures of myself and posting on social networks. I love how my body has transformed. My doctor is no longer putting me on the Chronic treatment because my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have improved beautifully (as he puts it) and also I am no longer seeing the dietician I was referred to as she has seen improvement in me. I just love the new me.


My Top Tips:

  1. Join Team Asijiki on Facebook 
  2. Think hard
  3. Make a decision
  4. Be motivated
  5. Start Rebooting and eat balanced meals, exercise and drink water.


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