30-Day ‘Mbilo’ Challenge Registration

At Team Asijiki we strongly believe that daily consistent movement is a key component of great health.

There is a saying “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started if you want to be great.

This perfectly illustrates our belief that you don’t need to find the “perfect plan” or wait for the “perfect time” (neither exist). You just need to start.

That’s why we have launched this 30-Day ‘MBILO’ Challenge to help you get moving and working up a sweat every single day.

You can do this challenge anywhere (no gym required) and no equipment is required either. Just you and your body.

Each day for the 30 days, we will give you one daily movement workout to complete to help you move more.

When you have signed up you will receive access to the FULL 30 day so you will be ready to join us.

We are going to do this as a community too! Kubooooo!

How to get started

  • Join the challenge by quickly signing up right now at the bottom of this page (it’s free!) -plus we are even giving away awesome participation prizes too!
  • NB! We are doing a GROUP START together after the long weekend and kicking off Tuesday 18 June! 
  • Join us right away in our Team Asijiki Facebook Group to interact with fellow challengers and share your progress during the challenge.
  • Spread the Revolution! Invite your friends using the link www.teamasijki.co.za/mbilo

Below is a taste of the daily challenges.

Win prizes: 

There is more exciting news!

We will be giving FIVE lucky people each a Asijiki Brands Spice Starter Pack Hamper as well as a Team Asijiki apron and cap.

To win you have to post evidence of your movements daily (photo or video)

We want to see you sweat.

The people who have the most consistent and engaging content will win!

Join the challenge:

Ready? Sign up below and we will send you step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

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  • Pledge commitment to the 30 Day Mbilo Challenge so I can get moving and more active!