Asijiki Champion – Gidikazi Cembi


Name: Gidakazi “Gidz” Cembi
Weight: Was 84kg – NOW 66kg
Lost: 18kgs
Cholesterol: Was 6, 7 – NOW 5, 2
Glucose Was 6, 0 – NOW 3, 4
Blood pressure – NOW 14/67
Waist Circumferences – NOW 34
Duration on REBOOT: 79 days so far
Marital status: Married
Dependents: Mother of 1
Job: Arts Activities
Inspired by: Wellness programmes, Healthy lifestyle and fitness
Favourite Snack: Nuts
Favourite exercise: Trail running
My MOTTO: ‘Live a healthy lifestyle to gain your confidence’

My name is Gidikazi and I am the second born in a family of 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy). Growing up we used to play a lot of games at home and I was very active, as a result I started fitness activities in Primary school. A few years down the line I stopped being active and focused solely on music. I was picky with what I ate and did not gain any weight.

In May 2011 I got married and at the time I weighed 60kgs. Months later I noticed that I was picking up weight and that really stressed me. In July that same year, I found out I was pregnant and that is when the eating habits became worse and I landed on 97kgs!!!

In September 2013 after I stopped breast-feeding my son I realized that I didn’t like my body. I had lost my confidence and I did not want to take pictures with my sisters because they were so petite in them and I was the fat one.

In 2014 I started jogging again but I was still eating junk food. I searched on the internet for a ‘quick fix’ diet. I found a diet where I started drinking maple syrup mixture for a month. I lost 12kgs

In September 2015 I was surprised that I could no longer fit into my summer clothes because I weighed 89.9kgs. I told myself that I was going back to my initial petite body. I still went about it the wrong way and sometimes I would eat plain yoghurt and boiled potatoes without salt for 3 days! I even tried the 13 days diet.

I was still very frustrated and unhappy because I would gain back the weight. Then on 5 January 2016 I started jogging again and I stopped eating starched food and drank a lot of water. Then finally on the 13 of January 2016 a friend of mine told me about Asijiki. I then joined immediately.

I read all the information and on the 28 January 2016 I started rebooting and I weighed 84kgs. On the 12 February I attended a workshop that was conducted by Alakhe Carol Gajana and I was already losing weight. That workshop was an eye opener for me. On Sunday after the workshop I designed a week’s plan in terms of what to eat at work. For example; I woke up at 4 o’clock to drink 500ml of water, I drank more water throughout the day adding up to 2ltr a day, prepared my breakfast and lunch and I would wake up at 5 o’clock for a 6-7km run from Monday – Friday. I reserved my Saturdays to attend races, trail runs and aerobics.


I started with 5km but now I can run up to 15km in one go. If the weather is against me I use the skipping rope at home or put on a DVD and dance with my 4 year old son.

Yes my hubby supports me a lot as a result he also joined the running exercises. My sisters also support me they even started using Natural spices at home. I don’t even need to carry spices when I visit them.

My confidence is back and I take 1000s of photos! I am back to size 34 from size 40. I receive compliments from my friends and family. The formula is 80/20; 80% of eating clean and 20% of exercise, choose what you put in your mouth and do not sit in front of the TV the whole day doing nothing.

My highlights, I noticed that I no longer sweat as much as I used to and my figure, complexion is back.

The worst challenge is when I have to attend an urgent event and I didn’t prepare my food. Sometimes I and already drank water and end up drinking more to fill my tummy. Sometimes my husband buys chips when we are travelling. As well as I sometimes go over the limit of 10 nuts per day and end up eating the whole packet.

I make sure that I cook enough food in my bag. I also carry snacks and pink salt.

My Top Tips:

  1. Eat all meals of the day
  2. Drink 2-3ltrs a day
  3. Exercise more
  4. Attend races and even if you walk, you get motivated to see 70+ people exercising
  5. Attend wellness programmes at work so that you know your health status



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    Indlela endinemincili ngayo lelikhasi ayithetheki. Yonke into icacile kwaye kulula ukufunda,kwaye ucacelwe . #Viva Asijiki.

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