Day 10 – You can’t pour from an empty cup [14-Day Power Mindset Challenge]

👋 Welcome to Day 10 of Team Asijiki’s free 14-Day Power Mindset Challenge!

💡 Each day for 14 days we give you 1 lesson and an action to complete that will make you think, open your mind and better prepare you for change in any aspects of your life.

Today’s lesson is that you cannot pour from an empty cup

Many people have only ever been focused on one thing such as advancing their career and climbing the corporate ladder. Nothing else.

Then when they got there, reached their goal, it was quite an anticlimax and they were not happy. They found they had never invested in any other area of their lives.

Work, job security and increasing their earnings were all they focused on and as a result, their health suffered, their romantic relationships were poor and they had very little fun.

Their priorities and values were ALL wrong.

They had achieved their goal – a high flying corporate position but little else to brag about concerning their lives.

So what does the statement “You cannot pour from an empty cup” actually mean and how does it apply to the above?

Well, in life there are many areas we have to give to. We have to give to our partners. We have to give to our kids. We have to give to our jobs. And beyond that to our communities and everything else.

If you are burned out, stressed, frazzled and spending your life constantly overwhelmed then you cannot give to any of those things with any power or impact.

If your cup is empty and you are running on empty you are in a poor position to help yourself and to help others.

Here is another example that motivates us to push you towards this type of thinking: all those moms out there.

These are the woman who in most cases are holding down serious jobs, run businesses and at the same time run a household with kids and partners – not to mention trying to stay healthy and have a social life.

The result is that mothers end up putting themselves last.

Biggest mistake ever.

To be the best mom, partners, career-woman etc you need to put yourself FIRST. You need to take the time, energy and resources to give yourself what you need to be strong so you can use that power in all your other interactions. You need to invest in yourself as a person and give yourself what you need to be your best. It may not seem like it but EVERYONE is going to benefit.

So what does that mean?

It means to go to that yoga session, go to that gym session, have that massage, organise that date night.

You get the picture.

If you need to exercise and eat healthy make sure you do it so you can be the best for EVERYONE. You will then be able to give to your family, partner, co-workers and friends from a strong centred place.

So never feel guilty about being selfish sometimes and putting yourself first.

It seems ironic but putting everyone else first all the time might be the most selfish thing you can actually do.

We are firm believers that when you are healthy, strong and confident you do everything else better in life so the time and energy are WORTH IT.

If I had one wish it would be for you to fully get that!

Health is the real wealth and attaining and maintaining health will help you get what you want out of life.

Today’s 🎯 Action:

In the next week set aside at least an hour for you – just for you – to do something for yourself you have been wanting to do for a while and putting off.

Spoil yourself.

It does not have to be elaborate or expensive. That is up to you. It could be as simple as taking an hour from the family to read a book quietly in the corner.

Whatever makes your soul smile! And let us know what that could be in the Facebook Group.


See you tomorrow. 

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