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Hi Challenger!

Welcome to your challenge nutrition plans page.

Here you can download any of the nutrition plans we have to help you on your 8-week challenge.

Since REBOOT follows the rules of Paleo we have offered you a Paleo plan using moderate carbs for those that exercise more and a Paleo Plan with Low Carb for those that exercise less.

Following the general rules of the REBOOT (as laid out in your REBOOT SUCCESS GUIDE eBook) are effective but these plans are here for people who want more specific structure.

Our nutrition plans are put together by Kelly Scholtz, who is Registered Dietician as well as a private chef. Combining her dietetics and professional culinary backgrounds, Kelly has a deep understanding of how to use food to enhance health and get the most from your body. She is passionate about encouraging balance in life and making delicious, healthy food a part of that.


Plans are distinguished based on preferences and weight category to start off with.

The weight relates to your current weight, not your goal weight.

All of the plans come with instructions on how to customize your plan to meet your specific needs. Keep in mind that nutrition is incredibly personal and what works for one person might not work for another. Sometimes a bit of trial and error is needed – that is why we suggest giving yourself a “trial week” with your nutrition plan before officially starting your challenge.

Paleo Low-Carb Plans (REBOOT Friendly) 

Paleo Moderate-Carb Plans (REBOOT Friendly)