Challenge Vault – Before Photos

By now you should have already submitted your Before Measurements, if not then you can go back to the Instructions Page and get that done first.

You are to EMAIL your photos to AFTER you have read all of the instructions (right down to the very bottom) on this page, thanks! Please take a look at the example photos (and what they are wearing) before you submit your own.

Please take a look at the example photos (and what they are wearing) before you submit your own.

On this page you will find instructions about how to submit your Before Photos which you will submit at the start of your challenge (Monday the 17th of October). It will then be followed up with your After Photos at the end of your 8-week challenge which will provide a comparison of the amazing progress that you will achieve.

NOTE: It is very important that you follow all the guidelines precisely else you will be asked to retake them, or if we somehow don’t notice the error early enough for you to resubmit then it is possible that you will get disqualified from the challenge, and no one wants that to happen!

1. You Will Need

  • A scale
  • A camera
  • Access to email
  • A current newspaper (to verify the date your photos were taken)
  • Revealing / light clothing

You will also likely need someone to assist you in taking these photos unless you have a timer on your camera. Selfies, etc are not acceptable.

2. Submit Five (5) Different Before Photos

(All photos must be taken with a recent newspaper visible that shows the current date on its front page, see instructions further down the page)

  • Front view (fully body shot of you from the front)
  • Side view (full body shot of you from the side, doesn’t matter which but use the same for your “after” photos)
  • Back view (full body shot of you from the back)
  • Scale #1 (full body shot of you standing on your scale)
  • Scale #2 (a point-of-view photo looking down at the scale’s reading while you are standing on it to prove your weight is correct)

You can see examples of what these photos look like at the bottom of this page.

A current newspaper MUST be visible in ALL of your photos (every single one, including your scale photos).

You must also wear the appropriate clothing as described in our instructions below, else your photos will not be valid.

3. Photo Guidelines

  • All photos must be taken with a newspaper showing the current date on the front page. This can be a newspaper from the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday of your heat starting date. Online newspapers / websites shown on digital devices such as iPads, etc are not acceptable. The current date written on a piece of paper, or a monthly magazine is also not acceptable. It must be a newspaper.
  • Please do not hold the newspaper as it may affect your posture or it might cover up part of your body which makes judging more difficult. Rather, rest the newspaper against your feet or place it next to you on a chair / box.
  • You must wear revealing or light clothing that shows off your figure. We know this can be embarrassing, but judges need to be able to verify your weight loss visually to ensure fair competition.
  • Your full body must be visible in your photos, from head to toe. Please don’t cut off your head or your feet. Your body should fill as much of the photo as possible, don’t leave too much empty space.
  • Photos must be taken by someone else or using an auto-timer. In other words, selfies and mirror shots are not acceptable as they create awkward angles and affect your posture.
  • Use as plain a background as possible. A wall, a plain curtain or door are best. Please try to use the same background for before and after photos.
  • Quality photos improve your chances of winning. The clearer the photos you can take the better the judges can judge your progress. Grainy cell phone shots in a dark room aren’t going to cut it. Natural sunlight can greatly improve photo quality, so taking your photos during the day near a window is best. Please try to use the same camera in your before and after photos.
  • Consistency is very important. Take your before and after photos in the same place, under the same lighting, using the same quality camera and in the same clothes for best comparison of progress.

4. Posture Guidelines

  • Stand up straight. Be proud, yet relaxed in your photos. Look straight ahead. Arms down at your sides.
  • Pose naturally. Do not slouch, flex, suck your stomach in, push your stomach out, etc. Your posture in your before and after photos needs to be as similar as possible.
  • Tip: Take a deep breath, breathe out gently and then have the photo taken at that exact moment when you are relaxed.
  • We understand that everyone has different postures and ways of standing, however, our judges are also very good at identifying whether someone is trying to cheat the system (slouching, sucking tummy in, pushing tummy out, etc). Culprits will have their results penalized or even disqualified completely if necessary.

5. Please Don’t…

  • Edit your photos in any way other than crop or resize them. Please keep a backup of the original photos because they contain EXIF data that we might request to see in order to verify the photos have not been manipulated.
  • Wear completely different fitting and style clothes in your before and after photos.
  • Take selfies or mirror shots. Get some help or use an auto-timer.
  • Take dark, grainy, blurry, or otherwise poor quality photos.

6. How to Submit Your Photos

  • Submit via email to (only once your challenge has started).
  • Your photos must be sent in on either the Sunday, Monday, or by Tuesday midnight at the latest.
  • Set the title/subject of the email to the first and surname of the person who the photos belong to (e.g. Alakhe Gajana). This is especially important for couples and buddies that are submitting their photos from the same email address. Please use the same name that you signed up to the challenge with.
  • Send all 5 required photos together in one email if possible.
  • Send only 1 challenger’s set of photos per email. So if you are a couple or team who are sharing an email address, please do not submit both person 1 and person 2’s photos at the same time in the same email. Send them individually.
  • Be sure to give your Internet connection enough time to send all of the photos before closing your email if their file sizes are large. Once you click send it might indicate somewhere the progress of sending that email.
  • Note: You MUST take your photos at the same time as your measurements

7. Examples




P.S. You are allowed to smile! 🙂