Asijiki Champion – ‘Coach’ Alakhe Carol Gajana


When did the penny drop?

My name is Carol Nonhlanhla Gajana, My wakeup call came after a Wellness Assessment day at work as part of an HR department initiative. Discovery nurses came to measure, weigh and do all other health screening in September 2013. All was well but the only shocking part was my weight, I weighed the more than when I was pregnant in 2011 and that really got to me. I realised right there and then that time for excuses had come to an end, couldn’t explain this to anyone because now my child was 2 years old yet I still looked pregnant and even weighed the same.

I started following the Sleekgeek healthy lifestyle community on Facebook from January 2014 at 120.8kgs, gradually started cutting off bread, rice, pap and cereals slowly until October 2014, just by those small changes I managed to loose 6.8 kgs but also realised its taking longer as I was not 100% in the programme so I decided to go full on.

So I started Sleekgeek Reboot on 3 November 2014 (took a break in Dec) from a size 114 kg.

Nov 2014-May 2015, I did home exercises in the morning before work and Taebo dvd at home in the evening or walk, I also don’t miss most organised walks in the City.

I’m 38 kgs lighter than I was last year this time, I feel good!!

Accountability Groups

When I started I recruited in 12 ladies at our work place to join and we did it for the first 30 days. averaging at 6.5 kgs loss. They heavily relayed on me for information as I had a year full knowledge from following the SleekGeek pages. We would book a meeting room at work and Project Zumba and Taebo and also do Lunch time walks, Yes some fell of the wagon because they were not mentally ready. This brought in a recognition from our HR that I was an ambassador of Healthy Living in the workplace. This was my first accountability group and I was to lead by example and this really helped because I couldn’t afford to fall off.


In January I rebooted alone, now this was my second month full on and I lost another 5kg, Friends, colleagues and family now started noticing that I’m looking different and most asked how. One day I decided to start another Accountability group but this one was in my circle of friends who were interested but didn’t know where to start. I opened up a Whatsapp group and got them to start in Feb (this was my third month and their first month). I called the team ‘teamAsijiki (no turning back) but under the umbrella of SleekGeek, we were about 19 then Xhosa/Zulu speaking from across the country, we posted what we ate and drank for all meals and what we do as exercise and again they relay on me for support. I have seen major results as proof (photos, scale and centimetres) and most of all health improvements. This particular group is mostly from one tradition and it is very hard as our traditional food is almost all Starch, starch and more starch but because of determination teamAsijiki soldiers on!

As a leader of both groups it has been and is a journey and needs patience and time to be able to lead these ladies to their goals. I also receive a lot of phone calls now from the team referrals, people beg for information and guidance as they can see that health has been an issue in their lives and need help.

We soldier on, there’s no looking back!



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  1. Vuyelwa Vuvu Mazizi Sintwa

    wow I’m so emotional now , not that I’m having a problem, it’s tears of joy.. we thank God for u Alakhe, for a wake-up call. life was hectic.. I can’t believe Spring is starting I’m not having sinus anymore.. Was having Asthma Nd using pump not anymore now. Because of Asijiki I’m alive.. I’m just using my medical Aid for serious problems.. thank you…

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