How does the Buddy challenge work?

Most important to understand is that each person will still enter the Team Asijiki Weightloss Challenge and compete as usual in an individual category and be able to win that individually.

The Buddy Challenge does not replace your individual entry.

But there is a bonus prize if you and your partner produce the best overall results!

You will each win a NUTRiBULLET And it is at NO EXTRA entry cost. All you need to do is indicate when you start your challenge and input your measurements who your chosen partner is. It is a no-brainer really. Right?

You merely indicate your partner or partners names when you input your starting measurements.


  • Teams can be made of any 2 people of any gender across any of the categories.
  • A person may participate in multiple BUDDY teams for the competition. So you are free to partner with a few friends… but only on a 1-1 basis. A team can only be 2 people.
  • Your Buddy may participate in ANY Heat number. You do not need to be in the same heat.

A practical example:

  1. Person A and Person B enter the challenge as individuals as per normal competing in weight-loss or Transformation.
  2. Person A and Person B indicate in their START measurement form they are working together as a team for a BONUS prize (they are still in the running for their individual categories)
  3. The team who has the highest average weight loss ranking wins.
  4. In the case of a dead tie the prize will be determined with a random draw.