14-Day Power Mindset Challenge Instructions

You are in! Welcome to the instructions page for the Team Asijiki Free 14-Day Power Mindset Challenge.

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Rules: You must complete all 14 lessons in the 2 weeks:

Every day, for 14 days you will receive an email from us containing do-able and effective actions on how to take control of your mindset once and for all. You can look forward to getting:

  • A daily email from us containing do-able and effective actions around upgrading your mindset.
  • Everything explained in an easy to understand manner with clear action steps on what you need to do to complete each day’s task.

Your objective is to read the lesson, think about how you can apply it to your life and take the daily activities we have challenged you with.

Lesson Instructions:

Below you will find instructions on how to complete each of the 14 lessons and associated actions.

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Just click on the link for each day to view the individual exercise instructions for that day.



Day 1 Change is a Skill
Day 2 Motivation vs Commitment
Day 3 The 5 Whys
Day 4 Destination message
Day 5 Tradeoff exchange
Day 6 Outcome vs behaviour
Day 7 Progress not perfection


Day 8 Consistency
Day 9 Attitude of gratitude
Day 10 You can’t pour from an empty cup
Day 11 Failure vs feedback
Day 12 Rule of One
Day 13 Motion vs action
Day 14 Be your Own Hero